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Survey of Astronomy Parent Lesson Plan (eBook)
This Life Science: Origins & Scientific Theory contains materials for use with Evolution: The Gr..
Taking Back Astronomy (eBook)
With a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Colorado, Dr. Jason Lisle is your guide to t..
The Dark Side of Charles Darwin (eBook)
A single man stands behind the greatest deception in history. Charles Darwin's ideas still penetrate..
The Genesis Factor (eBook)
Genesis is among the most controversial books of the Bible - facing increasing attacks on its credib..
The Ultimate Proof of Creation (eBook)
This book is a complete guide to defending the Christian faith, emphasizing the defense of the Genes..
Thousands... Not Billions (eBook)
The age of the earth is one of the most divisive topics today, much debated by scholars and layperso..
Tower of Babel (eBook)
Author Bodie Hodge researched ancient texts, critical clues and rare historic records for the purpos..
Treasures in the Psalms (eBook)
A book from “the Father of the Modern Creationism Movement,” this marvelous look at the ..
UFO: End-Time Delusion (eBook)
Psychics are channeling such exciting insights from alleged cosmic beings, detailing the "true" natu..
Universe By Design (eBook)
The universe was created with purpose and reason; and modern science with all of its experiments, ex..
War of the World Views (eBook)
In this powerful book, you will find ammunition for the war: answers to some of the most common argu..
What is Creation Science? (eBook)
Many Christians are not aware that a growing number of legitimate scientists now embrace the Genesis..
Why Won't They Listen? (eBook)
In this truly bold book, Ham presents an ambitious plan to fulfill the Great Commission. A compell..
Young Earth, The (eBook)
- The Young Earth scientifically examines the evidence to see what the earth actually re..