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Dino-Mania: The Truth About The Dinosaurs, The Bible and The Fossil Record! (DVD)
Evolutionists use our children's fascination with dinosaurs to entrap them into a religion of atheis..
Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries
  How the Genesis Flood makes sense of dinosaur evidence - including tracks, nests, eggs an..
Dinosaurs by Design
The Christian answer to Jurassic Park! This is important reading for the entire family. This book ..
Discerning Truth (eBook)
Every day Christians are faced with an increasing onslaught of criticism from evolutionists for th..
Discovery of Design (eBook)
From the frontiers of scientific discovery, researchers are now taking design elements from the natu..
Dismantling the Big Bang (eBook)
The seemingly absurd idea that all matter, energy, space, and time once exploded from a point of ext..
Don't Miss the Boat (eBook)
Here is your comprehensive guide to creationist thinking on the Flood in an easy-to-understand style..
Elementary Geography & Cultures Parent Lesson Planner (eBook)
This Elementary Geography & Cultures contains materials for use with Children's Atlas of God's W..
Elementary Zoology Parent Lesson Plan (eBook)
Discover how many evangelical leaders, willingly or unwittingly, are undermining the authority of G..
Evolution Exposed: Biology
Challenge the world's thinking on origins! A survival guide" for biology class! This book helps te..
Evolution Exposed: Earth Science
The earth science textbooks used in public schools today teach that the universe began with a big ..
Evolution Impossible (eBook)
There is scientific evidence proving evolution cannot be responsible for life on Earth. In Evolution..
Evolution: The Grand Experiment (DVD)
This enlightening new documentary includes amazing admissions by evolutionist leaders and is based o..
Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. 1 REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION!
Letting evidence speak for itself. Evolution has been dogma for so long, now many people consider..
Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. 2 LIVING FOSSILS
In 1938, the discovery of a large, unusual fish turned the scientific community on end. Dubbed a ..
Exploring the History of Medicine (eBook)
A biblical perspective of healing and the use of medicine provides the best foundation for treating ..
Exploring the World Around You (eBook)
This scripturally founded book opens a window to the spectacular environments found on our planet, f..
Discover how to find constellations like the Royal Family group or those near Orion the Hunter from..
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