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Exploring the World of Biology (eBook)
For most of history, biologists used the visible appearance of plants or animals to classify them. T..
Exploring the World of Chemistry (eBook)
This book presents an exciting and intriguing tour through the realm of chemistry as each chapter un..
Exploring the World of Mathematics (eBook)
Numbers surround us. Just try to make it through a day without using any. It's impossible: telephone..
Exploring the World of Physics (eBook)
Did you know that a feather and a lump of lead will fall at the same rate in a vacuum? Learn about t..
Faith of Our Founding Fathers (eBook)
Secular textbooks now fill our classrooms, while the Ten Commandments have been removed from thei..
Feasts of the Old Testament
By Dr. Grady S. McMurtry: A study guide to the Jewish Holy Days and feasts which commemorate histo..
Flood By Design (eBook)
Flood by Design takes you into a fascinating aspect of the Genesis flood you may never have con..
Flood Legends (eBook)
The story of the Deluge - or the Global Flood of Noah - permeates nearly every culture in the world ..
For Time and Forever (eBook)
In For Time and Forever, Bible authority Henry Morris explores the breadth of what it me..
Foundations - The Importance and Relevance of Creation (DVD)
The question of origins, creation or evolution, is foundational. Your acceptance of creation or evol..
From Noah’s Ark to the Cross (DVD)
God’s divine hand may be seen throughout history from the Ark of Noah to the Cross of Christ. God ..
Frozen in Time (eBook)
Earth's past is littered with the mysterious and unexplained: the pyramids, Easter Island, Stoneheng..
Observe the wondrous diversity of life, including birds, reptiles, and plants Learn how Darwin's wo..
Genesis Factor, The (eBook)
Genesis is among the most controversial books of the Bible - facing increasing attacks on its credib..
This Geology & Biblical History Curriculum Guide contains materials for use with Your Guide to t..
Geology By Design (eBook)
From the acclaimed Creation Research Society, this technical study of rock strata, and the fossils f..
Global Warming (eBook)
Contrary to secular media, this book clearly illustrates that the concept of "man induced global war..
God and the Nations (eBook)
In the Bible, we see the interest God has in humans and their cultures. In the Old and New Test..
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