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Modern Creation Trilogy, The (eBook)
Utterly fascinating, The Modern Creation Trilogy is the definitive work on the subject, and a must f..
Mt. St. Helens (& The Grand Canyon) (DVD)
The eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980 is a modern day demonstration that natural geologic..
Natural Selection - Really? (DVD)
The concepts of "Natural Selection" are reviewed and found to be totally contrary to the evolutionar..
What about climate change? Is there a connection between dragon legends and dinosaurs? Is evolution..
New Answers Book Volume 1 (eBook)
Christians live in a culture with more questions than ever - questions that affect one's acceptance ..
New Answers Book Volume 2 (eBook)
Christians live in a culture with more questions than ever - questions that affect one's acceptance ..
New Answers Book Volume 3 (eBook)
The newest title in this best-selling series compiled by Ken Ham, leading a powerful group of contri..
Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box (eBook)
Could a ship be constructed that would be able to survive the global flood described in biblical boo..
Old-Earth Creationism on Trail (eBook)
Join authors Dr. Jason Lisle and Tim Chaffey as they put forth a case against an old-earth interpret..
On The Seventh Day (eBook)
If you are a friend who wants to introduce your scientist friend to God, then you've found the perfe..
One Race One Blood (eBook)
It is a rarely discussed fact of history that the premise of Darwinian evolution has been deeply roo..
Persuaded by the Evidence (eBook)
A unique and interesting collection of true stories from Christians - each sharing his personal jour..
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Refuting Compromise
With brilliant clarity, Jonathan Sarfati, author of the best-selling Refuting Evolution (1 & 2..
Remarkable Journey of Jonah, The (eBook)
The late scholar and author Dr. Henry Morris believed the biblical account of Jonah was true, and th..
Remarkable Record of Job, The (eBook)
Far from being an engaging fable, the account of Job in the bible is one of the most historically an..
Remarkable Wisdom of Solomon, The (eBook)
After the birth of the Jewish nation, but before the brutal string of invading Pagan armies, there a..
Rocks Aren't Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale
Does the geological column prove that the earth is billions of years old? Is the geological column..
This Science of Life: Biology contains materials for use with Building Blocks in Science and Buildin..
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