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Grady McMurtry

Missionary Dr. Grady S. McMurtry


Full-time International Creation Emissary
Biblical Scientific Creationist



4698 Hall Road
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Mission Statement

This is a missionary association taking the truths of biblical foundations to the Church, both domestic and foreign, and to the secular world. This is an evangelistic and discipling ministry seeking to bring salvation and maturity in Jesus Christ, by lifting Him up that He might draw all people unto Himself.


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this ministry is to provide biblical and scientific seminars in churches and public forums, i.e. universities, radio and TV broadcasts, etc.; to provide a resource center for information distribution, education, consulting, missionary evangelism and discipleship concerning the truths of biblical foundations, especially Biblical Scientific Creationism; to be a part of the revitalization of classical Christian intellectual activity for the preservation, promotion and propagation of a Christian Biblical World View.

Secular presentations will also be made to promote intellectual honesty, circumspect views and critical thinking concerning the question of origins.


Recommended Speaker List

  • Institute for Creation Research
  • Creation Moments (Bible-Science Association)
  • Creation Studies Institute


Types of Programs

  • Sundays
  • VBS
  • Weekends
  • Home Schools
  • Seminars
  • Universities Series
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Conferences
  • TV/Radio


Partial Listing of Sermons and Seminar Topics with Descriptions

  • Foundations
    The contrast of two worldviews, the relevance of creation.
  • Dino-Mania
    The dinosaurs, the Bible and the fossil record.
  • It's A Young World After All
    Scientific evidences for a young earth/universe.
  • The Waters Cleaved
    A 3-D globe shows ample evidence for Noah's flood.
  • Noah's Ark to the Cross
    God's divine hand is seen from the Ark of Noah to the Cross.
  • Mt. St. Helens
    Catastrophe produces the appearance of great age.
  • Creationist View of Marriage
    The role of man and woman as God originally planned it.
  • The Ark of Noah
    An in-depth look at the physical/spiritual aspects of Noah's Ark.
  • 900 Years Old?
    The scientific and medical evidence for longevity.
  • "The Road to Man"?
    No evidence exists to support the evolution of Man.
  • Natural Selection - Really?
    Is Natural Selection a proof for evolution or creation?
  • Natural Selection - NOT Really!
    Even Evolutionists Admit That "Natural Selection" Does Not Support Evolution.
  • Survival of the Fittest - Really?
    Is Survival of the Fittest a proof for evolution or creation?
  • What is Really in the Ground?
    What is really in the ground versus what evolutionists claim?
  • Great Questions in Genesis
    Answers for many of the troubling questions from Genesis 1-11.
  • The Fingerprint of God
    Proof that the Earth was made instantaneously.
  • Light from Distant Galaxies
    How can we see light and the Universe only be 6,000 years old?
  • The Origin of the "Races"
    Human history, the Tower of Babel and the "Races".
  • The Eternal and Infinite Value of Human Life
    Facts proving the eternal infinite value and worth of people.
  • Job, a Book of Science
    An overview of one of the greatest books of science ever written.
  • Do Sharp Teeth and Sharp Claws a Meat Eater Make?
    Dinosaurs were vegetarians; many vegetarians have sharp teeth and claws.
  • 9 "Proofs" for Evolution Pt. 1
    The First Four: Why they are all false.
  • 9 "Proofs" for Evolution Pt. 2
    Second Five: Why they are all false.
  • Laws of Science/Laws of God
    The facts of scientific Laws prove creation and disprove evolution.
  • Intellectual Honesty
    The Two Model approach to teaching Origins, real education for the real World.
  • Creation Evangelism
    From Creation to Christ, Romans 1 and Acts 17.
  • Woman, Made in the Image of God
    What are the maternal attributes of God? What is the female role?
  • Origin of Life
    Is chemical evolution even possible in nature?
  • The History of the World
    The History of the world as told by the Creator God.
  • Is Evolution Possible?
    Mathematics proves evolution impossible.
  • Creation in the Psalms
    Great creation verses contained in the Book of Psalms.
  • Genetics and Homology
    Common Ancestor or Common Designer?
  • Cloning
    What is the truth about cloning - good or bad?
  • Dr. Ernst Haeckel
    What is the truth about the "discoveries" of Dr. Ernst Haeckel?
  • Environmental Issues
    What is the correct perspective on Christian conservationism versus environmental terrorism?
  • The Evolution of the Horse
    What is the truth about supposed "Horse Series" of the evolutionist?
  • Biblical Submission
    Submission properly taught and understood.
  • Communion with God
    What does it mean to have communion with God?
  • Feasts of the Old Testament
    An intensive study of the feasts of the Old Testament.
  • Marriage Seminar
    Seminar on the creationist view of marriage.
  • Why I Believe in a Young Creation
    Additional scientific evidence supports a young earth/universe.
  • The Fallacy of the Carbon-14 Dating Technique
    The Carbon 14 dating technique does not work.
  • The Obvious Design of Living Organisms
    The complex design of molecular machines is a proof for creation.
  • The Galaxy and Universe - Were Created
    The heavens declare the glory of God.
  • The Solar System - Was Created
    Presenting evidence that the solar system was created recently.
  • Potassium/Argon and Uranium/Lead - Proof for Creation
    These dating technologies do not work - ever!
  • Genetics - DNA Supports Creation
    The Laws of Genetics conserve the previously created information.
  • 3-Dimensional Scripture
    Jesus never taught anything casually.
  • No Truth to Global Warming!
    There is no truth to the idea of "Global Warming."
  • Dinosaurs to Birds? No!
    The idea of dinosaurs evolving into birds is pure fiction.
  • Recent Discoveries About Dinosaurs!
    Recent Discoveries of Dinosaur Flesh, Mummified Dinosaurs and More!
  • Dinosaurs and People DID Live Together!
    The Evidence From Literature and Artifacts Proving That People and Dinosaurs DID Live Together.
  • Coal - It Formed Rapidly
    Facts Demonstrating That Coal Formed Quickly in the Past.
  • My Favorite "Kind" of Fossil
    Polystrate Fossils of Plants and Bones Prove the Truth of Noah's Flood.
  • Surtsey - The "Instant" Island
    The "Birth" of Surtsey Demonstrates That Geological Features Form Rapidly in Nature.
  • The "Gap Theory" is Not True!
    The Gap Theory and All Old Earth Views Are Not True.
  • It Is Our Children They Are After
    Atheistic educators and influencers want to eradicate Christianity and creationism by targeting our youth.
  • Illegal Immigration
    What is the Christian Biblical Worldview concerning Illegal Imigration?


Speaker's Background

  • B Sc Hons., University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture - 1968
  • M Sc. Hons., State University of New York, College of Environmental Science - 1972
  • D D, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia - 1996
  • D Litt, Mid-Continent University, Mayfield, Kentucky - 2011
  • Past Regent of the School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
  • Florida Christian College, Guest Lecturer
  • 10 Years a Teacher of Evolution
  • 1 1/2 Years a Theistic Evolutionist
  • 49 Years a Biblical Scientific Creationist
  • Ordained Minister
  • Church Elder
  • Expert School Board Witness



  • Creation Research Society (USA) - Life Member
  • Creation Research Society (Russia) - Member
  • Mensa - Life Member
  • Intertel - Life Member
  • Phi Kappa Phi - Life Member
  • Creation Studies Institute
  • Creation Science Association for Mid-America
  • Citizens for Science Integrity
  • Liberty Counsel (Past Chairman of the Board)



  • Creation: Our Foundation
  • Creation: Our Worldview
  • The Feasts of the Old Testament
  • The World View
  • The Rock Newspaper
  • American Mensa Bulletin
  • The Forerunner
  • The Creationist
  • Predvestnik (Ukraine and Russia)
  • Today Magazine (South Africa)
  • Christian News (Christians for Truth-South Africa)
  • JOY! Magazine (South Africa)
  • The Christian Observer



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