People often ask me if we have found any bones from Pre-Flood humans. I respond with, “Yes, we have!”


In 2011, at the Hadar Formation in Ethiopia, an irrefutable human foot bone, a fourth metatarsal, was found in layers containing fossils of “Lucy”, Australopithecus afarensis. The findings were published in the journal Science. As Lucy supposedly lived between three and four million years ago on the evolutionary time scale, and since according to evolutionists humans did not exist until at least one million years ago, what did they say: “Lucy’s foot would have been just like yours or mine.” Since evolutionists “know” that humans did not exist 3 to 4 million years ago, the bone obviously could not be a human foot bone; therefore, it “had” to belong to a Lucy-like creature.


In 2015, an irrefutable human hand bone, a fifth metacarpal, was found in the Olduvai Gorge of Tanzania. The layer of rock containing the bone was dated by evolutionists as 1.84 million years old. The finding was published in Nature Communications. They reported that the new finger fossil is more humanlike than comparably ancient Olduvai hand fossils from Homo habilis (Handy Man), and Paranthropus boisei (Nutcracker Man).


When physical evidence refutes evolution and the evolutionary time scale, the evolutionist must make it fit their religion.


Are all dinosaur bones fossilized? No! In September of 2015, in the Lipscomb bonebed, Prince Creek, Alaska, the bones of a new species of hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) were found “unperminieralized”. This means that they were not fossilized, they were fresh bone! However, this bone bed is declared by evolutionists to be 69 million years old. Fresh bone could not possibly have stayed intact for 69 million supposed years; they would have turned to powder if that much time had passed.


As if evolutionists didn’t have enough to worry about, a new research report on the 2006 Gulf Oil Spill from BP’s Deepwater Horizon has been published. The oil is helping to feed a micro-ecosystem of metal-chomping microbes that are increasing the disintegration of sunken wrecks. These microbes are eating the wrecks at twice the speed measured prior to 2006. Oh, no!


Evolutionists claim that, in general, living organisms have gotten bigger, better, faster, and smarter over millions/billions of supposed years. In a report published in Current Biology, February 22, 2016, the remains of a new specie of giant armadillo (Glytodonts) have been found in South America. These “armadillos” are estimated to have weighed 4,400 pounds. Oh, my!


I love to read the research published by evolutionists! They just can’t help themselves; they are always proving that what they believe is wrong! The “modern” evolutionist claims that they have it all figured out; these organisms lived at this time, those organisms lived at that time, etc.


In 2013, six types of flowering plants (angiosperms) were discovered in northern Switzerland in layers dated as Triassic. In one day, this discovery pushed back the evolutionary origin of flowering plants by 100 million years according to evolutionists. So, what Charles Darwin called the “abominable mystery” of the origin of flowering plants got worse by 100 million supposed years - in one day. Oh, my goodness!


In 2013, the fossils of acorn worms were found in the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale of British Columbia, Canada. This discovery pushed the supposed evolution of acorn worms back by 200 million years on the evolutionary time scale. Oh, aye!


In 2013, at the Neanderthal Abri du Maras site in France, dated by evolutionists as 70,000 years old, a wide variety of tools were found. These tools proved that Neanderthals were not just hunter/gatherers, but that they also farmed. They ate diverse foods such as mushrooms, birds, fish, and rabbits. They made string. That may seem like a small thing, but the making of string requires a higher level of technology than evolutionists were willing to believe that Neanderthals possessed. The making of string is a necessary step in the making of bows and arrows, tools, shelter, fishing rods, and other human necessities. Oh, yes!


Of course, there is no such thing as “prehistoric” and Neanderthals are mentioned in the Bible, Genesis 10:3. They are simply people who migrated from the Tower of Babel, 150 years after The Flood of Noah, to northern Europe and established human civilization.


Oh, good!

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