Censored Science: The Suppressed Evidence

Censored Science: The Suppressed Evidence

Censored Science: The Suppressed Evidence

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Censored Science is a stunning designed, full-color book showcasing the fifty best evidences for a biblical creation worldview.

Each two-page spread lays out the evidence for creation and then provides a rebuttal to the most common evolutionist objections to the evidence.

Updated and expanded in 2014, the volume contains both the most recent cutting-edge evidence for creation and time-tested evidence which have never been answered by those rejecting Biblical truth.

The book is divided into three major sections - Censored Biological Evidence, Censored Geological Evidence, and Censored Cosmological Evidence.

Each section starts with a description of how an assumption of naturalism prevents our educational system from exposing students to any evidence which contradicts the presuppositions of evolution.

Every page is a visual masterpiece, mating original photography or graphic designs with compelling text.

Rather than a simple presentation of facts, Censored Science draws the reader into each subject using stories, analogies, and illustrations of the relevance for each of the evidences for creation.

This coffee table quality hardback is the kind of book anyone would be proud to give to others. It has been technically reviewed and endorsed by some of the top scientists involved in creation research - including Dr. Steve Austin, Dr. John Baumgardner, and Dr. John Sanford.

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