It Is Our Children They Are After!

Creationism has been a hotly debated topic in Modern Christendom. For some, it is a foundational concept without which it would be difficult, if not impossible, to believe in the authority of the Bible and its essential teachings like the goodness of God, the Fall, the Curse, and the Redemption in the Lord Jesus Christ. For others, it is of absolutely no consequence to the basic teachings of the Bible. The majority of Christians, however, would find themselves to be somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum, uncertain about the merits of Creationism.  

Atheistic educators and influencers, on the other hand, better understand the significance of Creationism. They believe that Creationism should be eradicated in order that our society may progress on. For atheists, Evolution vs Creation is not a side issue, but a crucial point in their quest against Christianity. The most frightening aspect of it is that their anti-Creationist efforts specifically target our young.

Bill Nye, “the Science Guy”, a notorious modern popular science influencer, openly admits that he is not overly concerned that there are many adults who believe in Creation:

“So, once in a while I get people that claim they don’t believe in evolution. And my response generally is ‘Well, why not? Really, why not?’ … And I say to the grownups, ‘If you wanna deny evolution and live in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine …’” [1]

His admission should not be taken as to indicate that he would allow Creationism to exist as a permissible alternative to Evolutionism, because he deeply regrets the Americans’ belief in a Creator:

“Denial of evolution is unique to the United States. … When you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in that, it holds everybody back, really.”  [1]

Bill Nye’s passion is to see Creationism disappear in America. Why then is he so calm about you believing in the Creator-God, if you happen to be an adult? The answer is simple: he understands that neither he nor any other atheistic propagandist is likely to change the basics of your worldview. As an adult you are pretty conservative, even if you are a liberal.

This is the way human beings were created. The children and youths are extremely pliable; they experiment with various clothes, haircuts, sports, potential careers, hobbies, and ideas. They try them on, and switch from one to another frequently. Their experimenting, however, is only for a time; and the wise parents, Christian ministers, politicians, educators, and other influencers know it perfectly well. Some say, and my own experience seems to be confirming it, that a person’s worldview is pretty much settled by the age of 12 to 14. The adults, by contrast, are like a freight train locked to the rails. They are difficult to stop and derail.

This is why atheistic propagandists like Bill Nye do not want to waste much of their time trying to convert adults. It is much cheaper for them to let adults die off and carry their beliefs to the grave. It is much more efficient for them to concentrate their propaganda efforts on children and teens. This is exactly what Bill Nye boldly says:

“And I say to the grownups, ‘If you wanna deny evolution ... that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them.” [1]

What inspired this atheist to go for the young instead of trying to convert the adults?

Could it be that he found his inspiration in the Soviet strategy of subversion? Yuri Bezmenov, a defector from the Soviet Union, where he had labored as a high-ranking propaganda specialist, came public with some shocking but enlightening revelations on how the Soviets achieved large scale political transformations in various countries. [2] He stated, that one of the key principles of the Soviet strategy of subversion was to work patiently on the minds and hearts of younger generations. According to him, the subversion process takes time, enough time to “raise a new generation” with new values and aspirations. There is no need to reshape the adult minds. All that is needed is to properly mold the young, still immature minds.

Yet even the shrewdness of the Serpent’s servants comes ultimately from the infinite wisdom of the Creator. Ultimately, both the Soviets and Bill Nye and the others of his stripe have based their strategies on the principle clearly presented in the Bible: 

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

This verse contains it all in a nutshell: the plasticity of the young, the rigidity of the adults, and a strategy for someone who wants to bring about a dramatic change in a society’s predominant worldview. Those who want to see big changes take place in a society should learn to let the adults be and target the young.

Please, realize that it is your children they are after. They are wanted. There is a bounty on their heads. Not yours, if you are mature adults.

Bill Nye, the notorious propagandist of evolution, goes on to explain, why your children are so important to the class he speaks for: “We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.” [1]

I cannot get rid of a feeling that his explanation consists of two parts. The second part sounds to me almost like an afterthought: “… and we need engineers too”. It is the first part which is strongly emphasized. What they need is a certain kind of “voters” and “taxpayers”. What they need is a people that will support their political program with their votes, and their taxes.  

What sort of a political program Bill Nye would endorse? He is known for promoting gender confusion, human-caused global warming, and abortion. In his Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves the World” he even suggested that parents who have “extra kids in the developed world” should be penalized! 

First, Bill Nye wants your children to be less in number. He would rather see you have another dog than another child! Second, those of your children who have been or will be born despite his hopes, he wants to make them conscientious supporters of pro-homosexual, pro-abortion politicians. Would your children support such views, if they were raised as Christians firmly rooted in the Christian Biblical Worldview? Certainly not! Therefore, Bill Nye works to see your children lose the Christian Biblical Worldview, stop being Christians, in essence. 

This strategy is nothing new. The Holy Scriptures provide us with many examples of radical turns happening in societies “between” generations. 

One of the most instructive examples is certainly what happened to Lot’s descendants. His wealth was so great, that he felt he no longer needed the godly company of his uncle Abram. Living in the lush and fruitful plain of the Jordan was more to his liking, and he decided to move his tent “toward Sodom.” Later, he and his family moved into a house that he had bought in Sodom. He knew that the dwellers of the city were very sinful and wicked. What was he thinking when he brought his daughters there? His family did not lack in riches and comfort, but Sodom filled their minds and hearts. Lot by some incomprehensible grace of God managed to maintain his righteousness (2 Pet 2:7), which is, in my opinion, one of the strangest declarations in the whole Scripture. Yet, his daughters must have undergone a thorough inner change in the atmosphere of “filthy conversation” that characterized Sodom. Why was Lot so careless about what was happening in the hearts and minds of his children? Why has he allowed them to become two women of Sodom? Why did he not protect them by taking them away from the corruption of the city? He surely had the financial means to do that. 

By the time Sodom was reduced to ashes, it was too late. Lot’s daughters had already become two fine specimens of Sodom’s filthy culture. Their sons did not become the next generation of the righteous. The descendants of Lot’s daughters were rejected by the Lord under the Law of Moses:

“An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD forever: ...” Deut. 23:3

What a tragedy! Satan took the seed of the righteous and horribly marred it! He did not achieve it by coercion, but rather by the soft power of psychological conditioning.

Once, after I had made a Creation presentation in a church, an elderly lady met me at our Creation Resource Table. When she heard from me that some of these materials would help her children and grandchildren to strengthen their faith in Christ, she responded by saying that it was not her but her children and grandchildren’s business to make sure their faith was strong. It came as a shock to me, that someone may so neglect their posterity. Shouldn’t we all want our children and grandchildren in Heaven?

Satan wants to take the seed of the righteous and use them for his own ends. Bill Nye is simply a popular and vocal activist, but his statements should be a red flag to us, indicating that there are other influencers who are committed to finding effective ways to subvert our children:

“Biology education in the U.S. is under threat due to resistance to the principles of modern evolutionary theory. … Thus, coherent and aggressive strategies are needed in order to rectify this poor understanding [of evolutionary theory – E.B.] and properly educate the next generation of the electorate and its policy makers.” [3]

Please, notice the author's motive of using evolutionary teaching to raise a new breed of “electorate and its policy makers.” Biology and general science education are not a purely academic, ivory-tower activity. Science education is the tool Nye wants to use in order to rob the Church of Christ of our next generation, to lead your precious children astray!

I hope that you have come to realize that your seed is a tidbit for the forces that want to see Western culture abandon Christianity. They attempt to reshape Western societies by teaching evolutionary biology to your children.

Should we view this as simply wishful thinking of some eccentric public influencers, or as a serious threat to our young people? You will agree that there have been Christians who lost their faith in Christ because of evolutionary indoctrination. Is it realistic to believe that evolutionists could manage to turn the generation around?

Biblical history proves that societies can drastically change as one generation succeeds another. It happened when the generation of Joshua the son of Nun passed away:

“And the people served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders that outlived Joshua, who had seen all the great works of the Lord, that he did for Israel. …

“And also, all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel. And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord and served Baalim.” (Judges 2:7,10-11)

The “Baalim” or “Baals” were the “gods” of the nations that surrounded the Israelites. Some of those nations, like the Phoenicians and Philistines, stood at a higher level of technological and cultural development than Israel. Nature abhors a vacuum; thus, it was only natural for the children of Israel to engage in various “Cultural Exchange” experiences with their neighbors. Unfortunately, along with arts, crafts, goods, and technology, “Baal and Ashtaroth” were also imported and accepted.

What happened once can be repeated; “there is nothing new under the Sun.” Modern evolutionary propaganda makes great use of science and culture to gently wash the Christian Biblical Worldview out of young Christians’ hearts and minds.

Is there a danger that the Church would lose the next generations? Yes, the danger is very real. An article published on an anti-creationist website boasts that the younger Americans seem to have ended “the disturbing trend” of rejecting evolution on religious grounds:

“A survey by Pew Research Center reports that up to 73% of American adults under the age of 30 expressed at least some sort of accepting attitude towards evolution - marking a huge jump from 61% in 2009, when the survey was first conducted. Most importantly, 51% accept evolution without a guiding supreme being, another jump upward from 40%; meaning that a majority of young Americans completely accept the theory without invoking a religious explanation”. [4]

The evolutionary propaganda is apparently succeeding, as can be seen by comparing the beliefs of the younger Americans with those of their predecessors:

“In contrast, 50% of Americans over 65 are Young Earth Creationists” [4]

Is Young Earth Creationism becoming an “ageing” worldview? Unfortunately, yes! What can we do about it? I propose that we must carefully look at the tactics used by various evolutionary propagandists. Knowing them will help us counteract them.

A good place to start would be research conducted at Arizona State University. According to the data, in less than six months students who previously believed that there was a conflict between religion and evolution were persuaded that no such conflict existed. This “big success” was achieved through adding a “short, evolution teaching module focused on the perceived conflict between religion and evolution” to an introductory biology course. [5]

Evolutionists are highly motivated and very active. Among them are scientists and educators who are intensively looking for strategies and methods to persuade our children that there is no conflict between Christianity and evolution. Our children are under a systematic and well-coordinated attack!

Why did it take such a short time to change the Christian children’s minds about evolution as it relates to Christianity? They had no real understanding of the issue of evolution versus Christianity. Whatever they were taught in their churches, they were not trained to see the world and its history through the lens of the Christian Biblical Worldview.

The issues of the age of the Earth/Universe, the impossibility of a “Big Bang”, the absurdity of the evolution of man from primordial soup, the lack of evidence for “ape-men”, the flaws in the fossil record, and the fact that rocks are not clocks were not taught to our Christian youth. The incompatibility of Biblical teaching with evolution is not being presented to them. The cost of trying to avoid the conflict between evolution and Christianity has yielded the woeful ignorance of our children about this vital battleground.

Our young people go into war zones unprepared, untrained, and unequipped! Please talk to your church leaders about providing the truths of a young creation to your congregations! Gently plead with them not to allow our youth to be released onto the battlefield without proper training!

The evolutionists’ number one tactic is to subject poorly prepared Christian youth to a well-prepared, thought through, thoroughly researched, and methodical ideological conditioning. We must be even more thorough when we train and equip our young to face the secular worldview.

What did the professors at the A. S. U. do to prove to their students that evolution and religion can go hand-in-hand?

Nothing special, they just talked with them. They talked about evolution and religion. That’s right, the professors discussed religion with their students in their biology class. The professors did not mock their students for being religious, but instead were “listening more carefully” to them. A careful listener gets greater chances to be heard. “A soft tongue breaks the bone.” (Prov. 25:15). Gentle and respectful professors can connect to their students better than classical militant atheistic “crusaders.” The students will naturally be more open to an attentive and polite specialist in the field they want to study!

A Christian child with a poor understanding of Creation Science would probably clam up in the face of mocking opposition. The same child might be more willing to listen to a benevolent educated authority figure. This is what I call their Number Two Tactic, using a “soft tongue”. This tactic allows atheistic professors to carefully gauge the real depth of their students’ ignorance about evolution versus Christianity. As soon as weaknesses are exposed, the Christian students become easy prey.

What must we do about it? We must make sure that our children’s defenses are strong. They must be educated about the origins debate. 

During the discussions of religion in the biology classrooms, the evolutionary professors used an old trick on their students. They attempted to create a false impression that Christianity is good only to explore “questions about purpose, ethics and the existence of God”, not “questions about the natural world.” [5] It is an extremely dangerous deception to believe that “purpose and ethics” can be divorced from “the natural world”.

Evolutionists are deliberately lying to our children. In their system ethics and purpose flow out of their view of the origins of the natural world, i.e., they can supposedly behave as animals because they supposedly came from animals. They supposedly have no higher purpose, because when they die, they supposedly cease to exist!

Their Third Tactic is to present a false picture of Christianity and Science to Christian students!

Christianity is an all-encompassing faith, a self-sufficient worldview which encourages, and in fact commands, scientific development as a prerequisite for carrying out the first commandment ever given to man: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule [have dominion] ...” (Gen. 1:28). The Christian’s ethic and purpose are inseparable from the origin of the natural world because God created us as rulers of His world.

The propaganda of molecule-to-man evolution through schools is a strategic weapon used by the enemy in order to demoralize and devitalize Christian children and youth in order to depopulate the Christian Church.

The tactics used by evolution propagandists vary, therefore, it is important to equip our children to recognize and avoid their schemes. Christian students have to be able to withstand brutal frontal assaults on their faith in the Biblical Early History [6], barrages of pseudo-scientific conjectures mixed with glaring contempt and ridicule. Like this from Dr. Richard Dawkins:

“It is absolutely safe to say that if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that).” [7]

Such all-out open attacks are easier to deal with than subtle ones. Faced with an aggressive approach the Christian student will find it easy to recognize the enemy. Their resistance mode will be turned on almost instinctively and their protective measures will kick in provided that they were trained on how to protect their faith.

Contempt and ridicule naturally hurt, but such sufferings are unavoidable for anyone who wants to be a Christian: “For to you it has been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake, ...” (Phil. 1:29)

Typical evolutionary propaganda rarely employs the cavalier assault found in the quotation from Dawkins, which might be classified as “intimidation”. Instead, they use tactic Number Four found in the respectable form of supposedly scientific claims that abound in the school’s textbooks for grades from 1 to 12:

“The battle [between Christianity and evolution – E.B.] is on, and the battlefield seems to be the textbooks that are to be read by students in our primary and secondary schools.” [8]

People naturally believe what they hear many times over, whether true or not. The Lord commands us to effectively use the power or repetition. We are encouraged to repeat the Word of God over and over again, meditate on it at all times, keep it in various forms before our eyes, keep saying it, and keep teaching it (Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:2; 1 Peter 2:2; 1 Timothy 4:13,16). As a result of these practices, the Word of God becomes woven into our thinking processes, and by the grace of God our faith in the Word grows because faith comes from hearing (Romans 10:17).

The evolutionary propagandists are also fully aware of the potency of repetition to create persuasion. They make sure that the red thread of molecule-to-man evolution runs through the science textbooks for all grades. They perfectly understand that they do not even have to prove that the supposed billions of years or molecule-to-man evolution are true. They have only to say that they are true a sufficient number of times! To make the matter worse, they reinforce those false concepts through movies, TV programs, video games, popular magazines and books, museum exhibits, and so on. Evolutionary propagandists are the architects creating a life-sized version of The Matrix – “the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

Here is a simple example of the power of repetition. Do you believe the Earth is round? You probably do. But why? Do you believe it because you carefully weighed all the evidence collected by scientists and reached an informed conclusion? At a risk of underestimating the real number of those who have indeed formed an educated opinion on the subject, I would say the chances are better than 50/50 that you do not. Most probably, you believe the Earth is round because somebody else told you enough times that the Earth is round.

To avoid any misunderstanding, I do believe the Earth is round; but any lie repeated enough times becomes a “truth” to a conditioned mind. The lies about billions of years and molecule-to-evolution through unceasing repetition are becoming a frightful reality within the minds of our children. The enemy’s tactic Number Five is “Repetition” – the mother of Indoctrination.

The only thing that can break the spell of a lie is the truth. The truth about the true history of mankind must be repeated often enough to take root in our children’s minds. Recall all the Bible verses cited above about the need to be systematic and repetitive (even excessively redundant!) in planting the seeds of truth into human minds and hearts! For our children to be grounded in the truth about origins, it will not suffice to tell them Bible stories once or a couple of times a week in church. In the words of N. Lents, some “coherent and aggressive strategies are needed”, to counteract the evolutionary propaganda onslaught.

Our children must be systematically taught on the subject of origins using Creation Science books. Many excellent books are available on our website. It is no wonder that a perspective of having Creation Science allowed in schools is one of the greatest nightmares of evolutionary propaganda masterminds:

“These ‘creation-science’ books, if allowed in our schools, can only serve to increase that mental anguish by teaching that the Genesis gibberish is a legitimate scientific theory.” [8]

Why are they so afraid of an honest objective comparison of evolutionary ideas with Scientific Creationism in schools? Why are they fighting tooth and nail against any attempts to introduce Scientific Creationism to students? The reason is simple: they know that their elaborate propaganda will not stand a chance if it is exposed to the scientific truth about origins.

The enemy tactic Number Six is to slaughter the dissident. Six is the number of man. In this case it is the number of Cain. Since they cannot compete against the truth of Creation Science, they want to physically remove it from schools.

In addition to banishing Creationism from schools, evolutionary propagandists attempt to smear its reputation. They claim that Creationism cannot possibly be scientific:

“… in the United States, there has been controversy in the public arena relating to evolution. … these controversies do not deal with the science of evolutionary biology …” [9]

In other words, whatever Creation believing biologists, microbiologists, geneticists, paleontologists, geologists, etc., say about the lack of scientific merits for the evolutionary theory, evolutionists dismiss their statements on the pretense they are religious and not scientific. This is a very shrewd tactic Number Seven: to discredit the opponent. This one provides a powerful basis for their insistence that Creation, being religious and not scientific, must be kept out of school:

“Religion and science are very different endeavors, and religious views do not belong in a science classroom at all.” [10]

Discrediting Creationism as being religious and lacking any scientific merit are the tactics recognized and recommended at the highest level of the modern evolutionary science establishment. For example, the official position of the National Academy of Sciences on Creationism is as follows:

“In 1987 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that creationism is religion, not science, and cannot be advocated in public school classrooms.” [11]

“Incorporating the teaching of such doctrines [as Creationism – E.B.] into a science curriculum compromises the objectives of public education.” [12]

In an earlier 1984 edition of the same publication, the Academy’s position was stated in a less guarded manner:

“… the Academy states unequivocally that the tenets of ‘creation science’ are not supported by scientific evidence, that creationism has no place in a science curriculum at any level … and that its teaching would be contrary to the nation’s need for a scientifically literate citizenry and for a large, well-informed pool of scientific and technical personnel.” [13]

Given the fact that the most authoritative body of learned people in the country strongly rebukes any attempts to teach Creationism in public schools, aggravated by the existence of massive vigorous opposition to Creationism at all the levels of the public education system, the prospects of turning the public education system around do not appear promising. We must accept that the public schools will generally remain hostile to Creationism, unless a new generation of scientists, NAS members, and teachers arise.

A generation of Christians who accept the doctrine of Biblical Scientific Creationism, who will devote their lives to science and education, and commit to teaching it at all costs is desperately needed! Until such a generation arises, the public school will remain an aggressive environment for Christian children, a corrosive influence.

The stated goal of the public education system, according to the 1984 NAS statement, closely coincides with the hopes of previously quoted evolutionary propagandists B. Nye and N. Lentz: the nation needs “a scientifically literate citizenry.” What they really want is godless “citizens” and ultimately a godless society. Do not be deceived by their using the words “scientifically literate.” As Creationists, we would never object to genuine scientific education producing genuine scientific literacy. However, in evolutionary propaganda Newspeak, “scientifically literate” means “evolutionary minded”. The NAS statements leave no doubt about it. And where are they looking for new recruits, the raw materials necessary to realize their agenda? It is your children they are after.

Knowing that public schools are and most probably will long continue to be used by evolutionists as their “forges of cadres”, Christian counterstrategies must obviously rely on other institutions. It is ironic that the evolutionist’s own writings suggest what types of institutions should play the major role: 

“If students are faced with a choice between evolutionary theory and their personal religious convictions, science will most certainly lose. Lawson and Worsnop (1992) write: ‘… every teacher who has addressed the issue of special creation and evolution in the classroom already knows that highly religious students are not likely to change their belief in special creation as a consequence of relative brief lessons on evolution.’” [14]

“Personal religious convictions” act as the main obstacle to an acceptance of evolutionary theory among students. The toughest nuts are “highly religious students” who have a “belief in special creation.” It follows that we can help our children develop an immunity against evolutionary propaganda in public schools by helping them believe in the Biblical Creation Account.

I would like to approach children’s believing in special creation from a different aspect now. I have already highlighted the importance of systematically teaching them scientific evidences supporting creation. This time, I want to stress how utterly important it is for them to believe in creation simply because “the Bible tells them so.” If a child believes that the Bible is the perfect Word of God, and that the Bible really teaches a recent creation by God, then the child will not easily abandon that belief.

I vividly remember a conversation I had with a young lady from the church in Russia where I was born again and raised as a young Christian. We were talking about the age of the Earth and Universe, and one of her brilliant comments was: “I do not know what to do with the science telling us the Universe is billions of years old, but I do believe it is young as the Bible says!” This comment was not born out of ignorance, she had earned two Master’s degrees, one in nuclear power engineering, and the other in economics. She was well aware of the arguments for an old Earth. But it was by the shield of faith that she was able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. (Ephesians 6:16)

It is important for children to have a good knowledge of the scientific evidence for creation. It is more important that they know the biblical creation account is a historical record, telling us how the world was supernaturally created by God 6,000 thousand years ago. The children must accept it as an article of faith, as a Divine teaching, as a revelation from above. A child armed with a deep belief in the biblical revelatory account will be much more resilient to any evolutionary propaganda, even when poorly equipped with a functional knowledge of Creation Science.

It is critically important to have our children entirely convinced that any attack on creation is an attack on their faith. The children must understand the issue cuts to the core of their Christian faith; that it is not an issue peripheral to their beliefs, as evolutionary propagandists are trying to misrepresent it.

Where can children develop such solid beliefs about the Biblical Creation Account? In the family and in the Church.

What will the children believe if their parents and Churches believe in the Gap Theory, the Day-Age Theory, or the Framework Theory (all of which reject the plain natural reading of the creation account), or simply prefer to avoid any discussions of the creation account altogether? The children may think that there is something uncertain about it and will naturally start to have doubts about it.

In our churches the creation account must be taught systematically and aggressively. We cannot silently avoid teaching from Genesis in an equivalent way that evolutionists cannot avoid teaching evolutionary theory:

“… science teachers who wish to avoid controversy by excluding evolution from the curriculum actually play right into the hands of creationists. Students are well aware of the public education controversy surrounding evolution and creation. Science teachers who do not explicitly promote evolutionary theory … send an implicit message that something must be suspect about the theory.” [15]

There is no place for an “everyone wins” type of compromise between the public school and the Church on the subject of origins. This is a “Victory or Death” clash. Neglecting to teach the creation account properly from the pulpit is sinning against the next generations of our churches.

Churches that teach the Book of Genesis properly are one of the greatest nightmares of the evolutionary propaganda pundits. As prolific science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote:

“It is religion that recruits their squadrons. Tens of millions of Americans, who neither know or understand the actual arguments for – or even against – evolution, march in the army of the night with their Bibles held high. And they are a strong and frightening force, impervious to, and immunized against, the feeble lance of mere reason.”

“Schools are by no means the only place in which the dispute between creationism and evolutionary theory is played out. There are the churches, for instance, which are a much more serious influence on most Americans than the schools are. … many of the less modish and citified churches are bastions of creationism.”

“In the creationist churches, however, the congregation is required to believe. Impressionable youngsters, taught that they will go to hell if they listen to the evolutionary doctrine, are not likely to listen in comfort or to believe if they do.” [16] [Eph. Added]

Even though Asimov grossly misrepresents the inner dynamics of those churches that teach biblical Creation, as a keen observer with an intimate knowledge of human character he rightfully identifies the main threat to evolutionary propaganda, when he speaks of his fear about what churches are capable of! 





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