The Insanity of the Logic of the Left!

Preface: Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party and considered to be the greatest of all Marxist philosophers, wrote “Prison Notebooks” (1929-1935). He said, “Any country grounded in Judeo-Christian values can't be overthrown until those roots are cut.”


A nation’s security depends largely upon secure sources of energy. Claims that cannot be substantiated about man-made global warming prevent politicians/policymakers from making informed rational decisions about the wise use of energy resources. The pure propaganda of Environmental Terrorists is producing an alarmism that threatens national security.

For example, the Far Left has legislated that the US Navy spend $58 billion dollars to study and plan for an “extreme sea-level rise”, biofuels for ships and planes, and a “green fleet” because of supposed global warming. The physical data does not support this position, the idea merely conforms to a leftist ideology. The Left’s anti-fossil fuel regulations are simply not justified. Requiring that the Navy spend this money lowers naval readiness, ammunition stores, and national security.

Leftists, being anti-God, want total power and control for themselves. In order to gain power, they must create in the minds of the people a problem so great that only “government” can solve it. Thus, they have determined that the cause celebre will be Climate Control/Global Warming.


To prevent global warming, they have proposed:

Paint all roof tops white

Plant vegetation on all roof tops

Launch satellites with massive sun blocking screens

Go back to living in sod houses circa 1800s

Go back to living in caves

Stop eating meat, making fertilizers, farming, etc.

Use EVs [There isn’t enough Lithium in the world to allow this to happen!]

One only has to look at the recent consequences of environmental edicts to see the horrible consequences of their way of thinking: riots and starvation in Sri Lanka, the collapse of the Italian government, riots in Prague, huge protests in The Netherlands. All of these were the result of their dedication to a “Green” Revolution.


Humans cannot control the weather nor climate - PERIOD! We simply don’t have the power nor the knowhow to do it. Only God can control them.

Historically, the earth has been much hotter in the past: The Medieval Warm Period, The Roman Warm Period, and the Minoan Warm Period. The earth has been much colder in the past: The Little Ice Age and the two Dark Ages. These periods of hot and cold were all or partly prior to the Industrial Revolution.

How did people survive during these hot and cold periods? They did what people do best - they adapted to the conditions that surrounded them. They wore more or less clothing. They built homes with more or less insulation. They prospered in the warmer times because there was more food available. They suffered in the cold times when less food was available.

But the one thing they always had was unlimited access to energy sources. Whether they burned wood and dung, or coal and oil, they were able to use whatever energy they had available. The more access they had to energy the faster they developed their civilizations.

Let’s get rid of the false ideas of Malthus. Instead of attempting to cool the earth, an impossibility, wouldn’t be more rational to cool our homes, cars, and businesses with cheap readily available energy? Wouldn’t it be more rational to provide work, housing, and food for our growing populations by using readily available cheap natural fuels?

Wouldn’t it be rational to believe that any problems that we have will be solved by technological developments that are rapidly coming into existence?

Thomas Malthus (1798) was wrong and those who follow his philosophy will always be wrong. For the last 4,350 years, much less the last 225 years, technology has always advanced to meet the problems we face.

Sure, there is plenty of Fake Science out there, but Real Science is capable of providing Real Answers!

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