Job - A Book of Science (DVD)

Job - A Book of Science (DVD)
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Evolutionists use false circular reasoning to supposedly determine the age of rock layers by the fossils that they contain; and, then turn around and supposedly determine the age of those fossils by the rock layers in which they are found. In reality, the layers of sedimentary rock in the earth's crust are not found in the order shown by evolutionists in their fictitious self-serving "Geologic Time Column." Is what is shown in the textbooks what is really in the ground? This is a serious question that is addressed in this DVD and the truth is shown. Dr. Grady McMurtry is a Blibical Scientific Creationist and Christian Apologist. He is a life member of the Creation Research Society, Mensa and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Having taught evolution for 20 years in the nation's public education system, Dr. McMurtry became convinced evolution was wrong. This background thoroughly trained him in both sides of the origins issue. He has spent over 36 years refuting the teachings of evolution and demonstrating the truth, Biblically and scientifically, of a recent creation.

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