The Frauds of: Carbon-14 and Dr. Ernst Haeckel (DVD)

The Frauds of: Carbon-14 and Dr. Ernst Haeckel (DVD)
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The Carbon-14 dating technique is one of many “radiometric dating” methods used by evolutionists to try to convince people that the earth and universe are old. None of these techniques are capable of yielding reliable results. They all start with five or seven scientifically false assumptions. The only thing that Carbon-14 “proves” is that the earth is young! What is the truth about the fraudulent “discoveries” of Dr. Ernst Haeckel? Dr. Haeckel, a disciple of Charles Darwin, so believed in evolution that he invented “The Speechless Ape-man,” the “Monera” and “Embryonic Recapitulation.” See the truth in this DVD!

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